Changes at the Swan Theatre 2019
. 9:30-10:30
Hanging Instructions
February 12th
April 9th
June 11th
August 13th
October 8th
At the Swan, all paintings to be fitted with quarter inch brass eyes and cords. Labelled on the back with name and contact details.

Guildhall Solo Display 10:00-11:00
Jan 9th - Derek Mills
Mar 13th - Colin Jack
May 8th - Cynthia Trevis-Walton
July 10th - Monika Howe
Sept 11th - Richard Jones
Nov 13th - Penny Webb
Jan 8th - Steve Riley
Mar 12th - Mike Howe
May 14th - Errol Dyer
July 9th -

Plein Air Painting:


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Art Gallery Exhibitio
n 2018
Hand-In Saturday 24th November 10:30 to 12:30
Preview 11:00am Saturday 1st December
1st December - 26th January 2019
Collect: 28th January 2019
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The Hive Exhibition

Droitwich Exhibition

Malvern Library Exhibition
Set up: June 1st 2019
End: June 29th 2019

Worcester Cathedral

Crowngate Window Change

Worcester Festival



2015-16: (Table) 2016-17: (Table) 2017-18: (Table)
2018-2019 (Table)
Competition 3
1. Ann Woolfson
2. Penny Webb
3. Errol Dyer
Competition Dates
1. A Walk On The Wild Side - 18th June
2. Nocturne - 1st October
3. Music - 12th November
4. Fight or Flight - 7th January
5. Holidays - 18th February
6. Any Subject - 15th April

Next Committee Meeting
February 4th

Ken Candlin Watercolour Landscape Trophy
1. Cynthia Trevis-Walton
2. Anne Brackenridge
3. Peter Bailes

Animal Painting of The Year Competition